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@superarchitects submitted:

Dear Skyscraper,

We are pleased to announce our annual Thesis Call Out 2014 // As we prepare for our finest End of the Year Show to date!

PLEASE SHARE our call out poster on your blog so that you can grant archSTUDENTS around the world awareness and present them the opportunity to have their work published and archived for the world to see.

We, (S//A) SuperArchitects, make up a concentrated unit representing the most relevant, provocative, and inventive student work(s) produced within architectural academia. Our mission is not only to showcase these outstanding projects, but to exclusively embrace the influential minds of today; ones’ who we believe can and will influence the built environment and beyond. S//A is the leading platform representing Architecture students and schools since early 2012; since have manifested a chain of contemporary platforms in which have been growing rapidly and collectively evolved into the primary voice influencing students, professors, and advocates concerned with the architecture discipline.  

Let’s give #ClassOf2014 the opportunity to be part of S//A’s Thesis Exhibition. Thank you & we are looking forward to start with you a dialogue about the future of Architecture and beyond.

Best regards,





Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts

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